The Complete* Karl Olson Collection
Written, performed, mixed, recorded and produced by Karl Olson.
Copyright 1997-2008.
Bandwidth and website maintenance are time consuming. Putting digital copies of everything* I've ever released to the internet on to a USB Flash Drive is relatively easy. Plus, it saves you the time and effort of downloading stuff (plus, everything on the drive is presented in the best quality available,) and you get a nifty 4GB thumb drive too! "How much music am I getting?" you may ask. Well, you get nearly 400 songs. It'll even have all the old horrible stuff from early days, and from all of my alter-egos. Ultraklystron? Check! Fun Confusion? Check! CouZ-n CaRl? Another Check! You may also wonder how much it'll cost. After all, it is a whole lot of music, easily over 350 dollars worth if you consider the cost of CDs in stores these days, or consider the cost of digital song downloads from sites like Amazon and iTunes. Well, how about less than a tenth of that! 30 US Dollars, including shipping. It even has the nerdcore albums on it! Each drive will also come with an autographed postcard with a handwritten personal message from yours truely.

-Karl Olson

*=Covers, remixes for other musicians and songs I've produced for other musicians are not included on this, as is anything with blatantly uncleared and obvious samples. Sorry, I'd rather not get sued. Additionally, mixtape material and advance leaks aren't included on this release, nor are horrendous old demos that I made before I started to do net distribution.

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Everything* Ultraklystron

Everything* Fun Confusion

Everything* CouZ-n CaRl

Other old stuff that's probably unlistenable!

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